Norfolk Island

We are so incredibly grateful that an opportunity has come up for us to visit NORFOLK ISLAND!!! We are flying with Reece's grandmother from Brisbane to Sydney, where we will meet up with Reece's Mum. Then we will all fly together over to Norfolk Island.  Now this part is going to get complicated so I will explain. Reece's Grandmother has always been called Mr's Wall (By Reece and his brother and sister) but her name is Shirley. She is known as Gran to the kids, Mrs Wall to Reece and Shirley to me, and for the purposes of this blog I am sticking with Shirley. Reece's second Mum is Kelly but she also goes by Nanna for our kids and but for the purpose of this post she is Kelly! Reece has family who have recently moved to Norfolk Island for work reasons and they have kindly offered to have us all stay. There's Carrie, Darren and their two "epic" little boys Max and Ruben. Max and Ruben call Kelly, Aunty Kelly. Our trip was interesting to say the least. "Nanna, Aunty Kelly, Kelly Gran, Shirley" But I think the kids figured it out!

First we arrive in Ipswich at Reece's Uncle Simons house that he shares with Shirley. The first thing we do is have a drink, or two or three. We've set up our camp in the big backyard close by to the pool, we've acquainted ourselves with the dogs and the budgies and given Shirley a hand with some packing and relaxing. We've packed our "stop whinging survival pack" for the plane and now we are ready to fly. The kids were perfect on the flight but a bit of a handful at the airport and so I told them that Nanna was waiting in Sydney and only good kids were allowed through the gates. We stayed at a hotel that night close to the airport and it was the funniest thing to see Rivers reaction to the hotel room. We've been living in a caravan for 6 months!!!  River jumped up onto the soft white queen sized bed layered with pillows, sprawled out right in the middle and announced "This is MY bed!"  Shirley and Kelly were in the room next door and in the morning River told them "I like this house, it has a big TV". We laughed. We are all feeling very lucky and having fun already. That morning our flight all together departed for Norfolk Island. This time Olive wasn't so calm on the plane and we were glad to arrive.

Landing at the airport on Norfolk Island is like landing on someone's rural property. As we approach the tiny island set in the South Pacific Ocean, and fly over the huge Norfolk Pines we can see cows roaming on sheer hilly terrain and Carrie, Max and Ruben waving at us from behind the fence line. I feel like I have landed into an episode of the ABC show Doc Martin. Carrie and Darren made us feel unbelievably comfortable and welcome at their house and the kids hit it off straight away scooting around the decked balcony that runs around the house. The views down into the valley are nothing to be taken for granted and the laid back lifestyle on the island would be an understatement to describe as simply 'unique'. It is beyond unique.

We've decided to leave it up to Carrie to Darren to run the show in terms of what we do and see on the Island as after all they know the Island best. The itinerary was a relaxed paced adventure of sights and food and some of the highlights for us were swimming at Emily Bay, Puppy's point and the Captain cook memorial. We went to so many restaurants like Bedrock and the 'Pirates Pub' (Jolly Rodger) but my favourite was Hilli's. It was Carries fault that we all drank so much wine but none of us were difficult to convince. It was Shirley's fault the kids stayed up too late as she brought them so many lollies and I guess we will all have to take responsibility for ourselves in terms on the amount of food we consumed! I was introduced to the affogato, which is my new favourite thing, but I'm looking forward to trying one made by Kelly in the future! THIS is a holiday!!

We even had a few mornings to sleep in! The three boys would try to sneak in to have a cuddle with Kelly, which we all know she loved but perhaps at 5.30 in the morning not so much. The kids quickly figured out that Kelly could not resist the innocent eyes of our little Olive and so they would send her in first, and that was it... Kelly was on morning duties! Thank you Kelly for all the mornings you got up early to make them all breakfast. Best Nanna! (and Aunty) Poor Darren had to go to work after a huge night playing pool and drinking far too much, but he seems to be quite a seasoned pro that doing it! Poor Carrie did far too much cleaning up and cooking but we love you for it and your really an amazing cook! Thank you all for having us!!

Norfolk Island is an amazing and interesting little island with the most incredible coast line and diversity.  Amazing picturesque green hills covered the Island with huge Norfolk Pines as you've never seen before, cows and chickens roaming free, incredible turquoise waters and rich history. Visit if you ever can.

Thanks again Mum.