Bundaberg to Ipswich ready for NORFOLK

For the very first time on this road trip of Australia we are on a time limit but for a very good reason. An opportunity has kindly been presented to us to visit Norfolk Island but in order to get there we need to arrive in Brisbane within the next week. We have planned out our trip to arrive in Brisbane within the week stopping first at 1770, then Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Noosa Heads, and finally Brisbane. We plan that after our Norfolk Island experience we can come back up the coast to see anything we feel we might have rushed. But first we need to get back to the coast. Therefore we decide to embark on our longest drive yet, from Carnarvon George almost the entire way back to the coast stopping at Calliope River on the Old Bruce HWY.

Reece jokes, "Come on Barbara." as we take on the seemingly all day, 5 and a half hour trip, with two tired, hungry kids eating road side stop hot chips and smooshing them all through the back of the car. This is travelling with young kids! We have had our fair share of tears and tantrums but this trip was particularly bad. I think everyone was tired and grumpy. Travelling is amazing and I certainly have no real complaints, but I swear there is no more food to be consumed in the car.."EVER". I broke my promise the next day!

We found a beautiful overnight stop and played a game of 'going on a bear hunt' with the kids which brought everything back into perspective. "This is why we are here! This is what we are doing" We are raising our kids in the closest possible quarters and spending every second helping them to learn and grow.  A fire with marshmallows and the next morning we are up early for a fresh start and ready to hit the coast at 1770.  We stay at a low cost camp just a hop skip and jump from China Beach, 1770. The water is really rough and wild down on the rocky banks and there's no way I can let the kids swim there. We try our luck fishing, the kids build castles in the mustard coloured sand and walk to the Hedland Lookout. The next day is much better and on the other side of the bay we find calmer waters. When the tide goes out the puddles and slimy sand becomes our children's paradise and playground. Crabs, shells and little rocks entertain them and add to their collections. This is the kind of day that makes everything worth it. It's a shame that we got more rain the next day and that the weather was so wild and windy and so we move on.

Further south on the Bruce HWY we set up at another free stop just outside Bundaberg. And what do you do when you visit Bundaberg? You visit the Bundy distillery of course! Well worth the tour and a few nice drops too. We don't have more time to stay and we don't mind at all to be honest the excitement is building for our trip to Norfolk Island. Hervey Bay awaits and we would rather spend our time there, on the white sandy beaches. Basically that's what we did. For two days it went beach, pool, fishing, bed. Beach, pool, fishing, bed. River is still the only member of our family to catch anything!

Next stop is Noosa beach but of course the caravan parks have outrageous prices as the school holidays are upon us soon and so it's getting busy. My tip for travellers is to stay at the Eumundi markets camping ground. The markets are fantastic, the best I've ever been to and a trip into Noosa was only about 25 minutes. Noosa beach is beautiful, busy and has long gentle waves perfectly suited for little kids on body boards. There are lots of cafes and shops and as a holiday destination a weeklong stay would be easy. We can easily come back but a day at the beach and a beer in the surf club was all we had time for on this occasion.

Now the most exciting this is happening.

River explains "We are going on a big aeroplane with Nanna!"