Pardoo to Broome

They call it 'Paradise in the Pilbara' and it really is. Pardoo Station Stay is a unique experience and I highly recommend it to anyone traveling north to Broome. On approach it's a lot of red dirt. There are cows coming in from a muster and cowboy / stockmen characters sitting on the fences. Once inside it's a lovely little village with green lawns and a quaint shop and cafe. Most importantly there's a SWIMMING POOL, and IT'S HOT, so after setting up camp we spend our afternoon swimming.

Did I mention that it's HOT, really hot!!! Suddenly I start to worry about the kids and make a mental note to myself that we must make sure their water bottles are with us at all times.
"Sunscreen and hats on." I insist to the kids.
After our dip in the pool we follow with an icypole from the Pardoo Shop and go to watch the baby cows have their milk under the big gum tree. Already I feel like another swim. SO HOT. We have a station meal with all the workers that night. Yum!

There's so much to do in Pardoo including visiting the lake and huge muddy tidal flats.... We don't have time for it all unfortunately but I mention it so that other people make sure they stop for at least 3 nights.

The next day we travel north and pit stop at Sandfire Roadhouse. Ummm......the signs say 'Cash Only' and we need diesel. Eeeeeeeeekk!
As it turns out they do have eftpos but it's just dodgy and only works occasionally. Eventually it works for us but it's a stark reminder to me to carry some cash. Note to anyone traveling this way - carry cash.

We set up for the night at the Goldwire Rest Stop about 170km south of Broome in the early afternoon. Again it's HOT! Out with the trusty flexible bucket and filled with cool water the kids strip down for a splash under the shade of our gazebo. Water is such a winner! Chuck a few toys into a plastic tub with some cool water, pop it into the shade and put the kids in. Presto! An hour of peace. It's a nice quick easy overnight stop except for all of the red dirt.

"BAM! Broome!" Reece announces.
On our first day all we do is set up and take a drive around to scope out the town. Then of course we visit the pool and I do some MORE washing.

It's nice knowing we are not leaving and having to pack up for 5 nights. Setting up and packing down is hard work. Everything in our campervan has a home and everything is a used and required item, so needless to say when we unpack and use all of our 'things', only to pack them all tightly away again, it's a drag. This time we get to set up, sit back, watch the kids trash the joint and we don't have to pack it all away again for ages! (Hehe)

Whilst in Broome we spend a lot of time just relaxing but we do the tourist things too. We visit Cable Beach for a swim, head to Divers Tavern for a beer and watch some footy. We watch all the camels walking along the beach and up past the Cable Beach Sunset Bar and Grill where we have pizzas for dinner and a couple of beers. We relax as the golden sun changes into a bright orange and then disappears into a slight purple haze beneath the horizon. We take the kids to feed the camels early on a Saturday morning and River has his photo taken with 'Jabby'. They make the front page of the Broome Tourist Daily Newspaper the next day. So exciting! We visit the bird park, the mango farm, the croc park etc. Of course we head into China Town, visit
Town Beach water park and swim in the water beautiful there.

A highlight was our camel ride with Red Sun Camels. Our Camel was the 'demo' camel and that's because she's the calmest of the herd. Her name is fitting. 'Cloud'.
It was given to her because apparently she always has her head stuck in the clouds.
Olive was slightly apprehensive going up but River thought the whole thing was just a great fun ride. What a great way to see the sights of the amazing Cable Beach.

We will miss you Broome