Coral Bay / Exmouth to Yannarie / Karratha and Dampier / Point Samson to Port Hedland.

We are booked into 'The Peoples Park' and after setting up we all a-line straight for the beach, completely unprepared with no bathers and only one towel, thinking we would just have a look. FAIL. It's a little cloudy but the kids, fully clothed, run straight into the pristine clear water of the gorgeous Coral Bay.
Sandy wet washing, ho hum... But it was worth it!

I suddenly regret not buying a decent camera for this trip. Coral Bay is a place to be photographed and our 'phone camera' does it zero justice. I'm glad in a way that we are experiencing this beautiful land through our eyes rather than through the lens of a camera, but just one shot to capture this bay would have been lovely.

The next day was literally perfect. It really is paradise here. We have a family favorite dipping eggs for beaky and then head back out to the beach for a walk, swim and snorkel. We all manage an afternoon snooze and then head to the bar for a couple of pints as the sun went down. A day without travel was just what we needed.

Back in the car and off to Exmouth the next day. Everyone on the road in the caravaning world follows a code of conduct and part  of it is 'the wave'. As you pass on coming traffic you just lift you hand from the steering wheel and say a g'day. Reece and I notice a few of the old timers just put a glove or an oven mit on their windscreen to save time. We are keeping River amused on long drives with 'animal watch duty'. The restraints of the game are that; the animal cant be dead, must be wild or unfenced and on the road reserve. So far we've spotted eagles, emus, kangaroos, goats, cows and sheep. Do masses of termite mounds count? That's up for debate but clearly long drives make our family a bit loopy.
Vlamingh Head Lighthouse was a feature for Exmouth as well as visiting Cape Range National park and snorkeling with turtles at Lakeside beach. I make bread and butter custard pudding that night and do the washing. Gosh what a pain the washing is!!!

Yannarie is really the old Barradale road house location. The truckies called it 'Barradale Tav' and it was a popular pit stop on your way through to Karratha. I wonder why its gone now but we pull in for the night regardless.
In Yannarie a kitted out food bus called 'The Burger Bus' pulls up everyday and by the looks of it does a rip roaring trade.  The lady who owns it makes a great coffee and is a highly animated rough as guts character.
"What would you like love" she asks in an over the top Aussie accent.
"A cappuccino please"
She starts making my coffee and some light conversation.
"A young traveler asked me for a latte this morning" she said "with a sprinkling of cinnamon on top. I said to him, I said" Then she pokes her head out the servery window and looks both ways
"This ain't Subiaco mate". And bellows out a huge laugh at her own joke.
Classic Aussie. The Americans would love her.

We've shot up the west coast fairly quickly with the intention to get away from the rain and into the heat. Now we are here. Dampier!! From now on our holiday pace will dramatically slow down. We stay at the Dampier Transit Caravan Park and meet our new friends Kevin and Janice. They are grey nomads from South Australia who've been traveling for a year already and are not planing to stop any time soon. Janice's laugh reminds me of Mum. They talk about their grandkids and baby sitting and how much they miss it. They can look after our kids for an hour we suggest... Lol just kidding.  We've really met such nice people of this trip and were sad to say goodbye. The thread on our jokey wheel is broken and Kevin just happens to have a spare. They donate it to us which will save us a couple of hundred dollars most likely and all they ask in return is that we lend a hand to other caravaners when we can.

At the Dampier Mermaids Tavern we pop in for a drink. River was super excited to see a flock of motorcycles arrive. Its the Karratha motorcycle club doing their annual teddy bear run for the Salvation Army. We visit Deep Gorge and the Dampier LNG plant. Amazing! 

Point Samson for fish and chips and a sneaky ice cream at Whim Creek on our way through to Hedland for the night. 

We LOVE travelling.