Shark Bay / Monkey Mia / Carnarvon

All of the sudden its like driving over mini orb. Its a flat! Reece pulls over so quickly I hardly register its happened.
"Bam flat caravan tyre" he announces.
Well its not just a flat tyre, its completely shredded and twisted around the axle. Both kids are sound asleep in the car and Reece gets straight to work switching the spare. A couple of old fellas that look exactly how you would imagine the typical grey nomad to look pull over. Grey hair of course, white sneakers, polo shirts, and full of back seat advice for Reece. But they were so kind and helpful and full of stories.
"Oh back in 79 I had that flat tire on the eighty mile road etc" (old person voice) "We've sent Mildred back to warn the traffic" etc. Bless!
They give us a tip about our CV radio too. The caravan channel is 18!
We switch it ON. Hahaha.
Tire all fixed and kids still asleep, none the wiser. Back on the road!

We decided to stay another free camp night at Hamelin Pool View on route to Shark Bay. The camp really had no view and is the location of the Telstra tower but its a good spot with beautiful bush land and we will get a great sunset. We stop in the late afternoon and try out hardest for some TV reception. The footy is on, Crows vs Roos. Its a ripper of a game. We listened to it on the radio. Ho hum Haha

Reece builds a fire and proudly announces like the scene from castaway  "I make fire". Then adds "boom, no fire lighters required". Bahahaha he makes me laugh. Dork!

We can pack up early and its only a 1hour drive into Monkey Mia to see the dolphins. But alas... Our plans failed. Wake up in the morning to a flat car battery. Bad luck really does come in threes, I wonder what else will happen.
We've left the caravan over night plugged into the cars Anderson plug. I thought it had an auto switch over to the caravan, but maybe not. We will have to sort this out in Carnarvon. A nice young couple helped jump start our car. Back on the road.

We go for a picnic lunch on the Denham Forshore and buy our tickets to see the dolphin's the next day and we book into the sharkbay caravan park. Let's just have a rest and take some time to sort out some issues.
We set up.
Arrange two new tyres. 
We can see Dolphins in the morning.
We decide to head out to watch some shark feeding in the early afternoon and then just take the rest of the day easy.

Sitting outside our caravan in my fold out chair I realize something. ITS WARM!!!!  Yayyyy I don't need a jumper. There's sun beaming into the caravan and everything is finally drying out.  Its the little things.

I cook a nice spaghetti carbonara and use the grill in the caravan for the first time. GARLIC BREAD!! Entire family devours dinner. I AM SUPERMUM!!!

The Dolphins are up and ready for a feed at 7.45 so we set the alarm for the first time on this trip. Eeeeerrrrrrrrr :(
We head out to Monkey Mia early.
Its kind of how I remember from a previous trip as a child but now there's fancy cafes and a boardwalk. We get to see the dolphins and the facial expressions from the kids make it ALL WORTH IT!

We pack up, have a quick stop at Shell Beach and are off to our next free camp spot. Edaggee road side stop 80kms south of Carnarvon.