We have a saying while driving which I think is an old Abbott's travelling tradition. 
"First one to see the ocean buys the ice creams"
River is just too easy to get excited... But at least now he's looking out the window and not begging for a movie!!

We come into Kalbarri on a very miserable wet dreary day and Reece and I do a "super setup -unpack" and get drenched. River still wants his ice cream. Our first night in Kalbarri was washing and reorganising and it rained ALL NIGHT LONG! But at least it wasnt cold, the kids ate my super dinner and everyone slept.  

Still cloudy the next morning but a day for adventures regardless so we decide to visit all the coastal lookouts. At Shellhouse grandstand there was a large pod of perhaps 10 or 15 wild whales jumping out of the ocean. We watched them for ages and ages, we are in no rush!
Off to the pub for tea. Special treat night and the first meal I've not cooked.

Olive is just starting to talk. "mum, dad, up, down, more" etc. Her favorite word is dog but I think she's a tad confused and just thinks that all animals that aren't human are dogs. On the foreshore there's pelican feeding at 8.45am everyday and so the next morning we decided to go. Olive wanders into a crowd of people all admiring the Pelicans and points "DOG".
Gosh I love her. River had a go at feeding the pelicans and was pretty proud of himself.

Afterwards we head out into the national park to visit the gorges. River thinks its a funny joke to say "we are going to the gorgeous gorges". Reece and I took turns carrying Lump (aka Olive) but it was WELL worth the visit.  In the afternoon we were all so buggered. Its the first time I've really sat back while everyone in our caravan was asleep and just done nothing. Such a relaxing afternoon rest time. Please never let it end. I  love our caravan. THIS IS HOME!
A BBQ and stunning sunset on the foreshore finish off our time in Kalbarri.