Our first night free camping.
I was a tad apprehensive I won't lie but I knew we needed to do it sooner or later. All the research I've done has raved about how great free camping is.

Flat Rocks Beach just south of Geraldton.
We arrive and set up. We are the first here and I'm wondering if we will have the place to ourselves. Is free camping just myth, lol ?

We decide to take the kids down to the beach as there's no 'playground' here.  The tide is low and we are walking along the reef hunting for small Turban shells which as the sign explained the aboriginal people used collect to eat the snails inside. River pretty soon stops asking where the playground is. He's splashing in the ocean and hunting down between the rocks, collecting shells, and squishing sand between his fingers. Olive waddles around joining in, trying to copy her big brothers every move. This is bloody great!

We passed a guy riding a bike along the brand HWY on our way here and we both said 'WOW, who would ride their bike all the way out here?".
He pulls up. Puffed.
"Hello" in a German accent.
River is intrigued.
"Why you riding a bike?"
He answers "I'm riding and camping"
So as it turns out this young German guy is riding around Australia ON A PUSH BIKE and camping. He sets up his tent.
I suddenly feel like we live in a mansion and are BLOODY RICH!!

Two young girls drive up next in their magna wagon.
Immediately they say hello and start setting up their tent. They are German too. They are surfers and they use their surf boards to line the inside of their tent for warmth.

A few more cars arrive and everyone is introducing themselves. The sun sets over the Indian Ocean and its STUNNING! A fire is started but we retreat into our LUXURIOUS caravan to make dinner. LOL
Who knows what they all cooked outside. Omg!!
Kids in the hot tub and then into bed.


Photos to come.