The night before

Packed and Ready. The night before.
Well, we are off on an adventure of a life time. We hope! We are taking a bit of a risk and traveling around Oz with the kids in our Jayco Flamingo pop up caravan. To get here has been a mamoth task. We have packed up our family home of six years. Six years of accumulated stuff downsized and prioritized into a caravan is no easy task. We have waited patiently for our investment property to be completed and then put up fencing, planted gardens, installed a dishwasher, put up a clothes line, a letter box, cleaned etc. We have both our homes on the rental market but we have not yet secured a tenant for either property. Its a worry but we have reduced our prices and here's just hoping. We've set up a caravan.... And that, well thats just something I cannot explain. Until you do it you will not understand the undertaking. Every item is selected with care and thought, nothing is unnecessary - WE THINK!
Money is a crazy crazy thing. It comes and it goes but we think we can make it. We have enough to have fun but not enough to go mad. Our philosophy is that we will do everything free FIRST at every place we visit.