This is a blog about our family of four traveling around Australia in a Jayco Flamingo. We are the Abbott family.
Theres Reece (Daddy), Alicia (Mummy) and our two kidlets. Our son River (aged 3, almost 4 but thinks he's 5) and our daughter Olive. (16 months)

This blog will be updated by me, Mum.
I'm not a writer so this blog is pretty much written how I would tell you the story if I saw you face to face. The main purpose of this blog is a simple way to log our journey and experiences but most importantly its something our family and friends can read so that they know we're not all dead!

I'll start with some background about  why we've decided to 'do the big lap'.
(In point form)

1. When our son was born Reece started working a FIFO roster and because he's missed so many special moments with our kids we wanted a holiday experience that would last!!!!! 3 or 4 weeks just wasn't going to cut it! Reece owes it to himself to take this time off work.

2. It's not easy doing everything at home with the two kids on my own. I'm not complaining because I'm grateful we have two happy healthy ratbags and I'm not comparing myself to a single parent either. Juggling work, 2 kids, house work, social commitments... Its been a rough few years. I want a break too. And I want my husband back!! Everyday!

3. Stuff! We are totally sick of stuff. Having too much stuff, having to buy stuff, being pressured to buy stuff, the guilt that comes with not buying stuff, the cost of stuff. Back to basics and nature!

4. Commitments. This is a hard one to explain because its a sensitive topic. The only way I can think to put it is that we LOVE, APPRECIATE and CHERISH spending time with our family and friends but that we are tired of racing around and over committing ourselves to avoid disappointing people and we just want a break. Its not because we don't want to see people, its just that we want to wake up and say to each other "Hey... What do YOU want to do today?"

5. The kids age. Its just nice to do this while the kids are young and before school starts.

6. And finally... The stars have aligned. We've always wanted to do this trip and talked about it for years. Laughing that we probably never would, tossing up the idea against other crazy holiday ideas. Who knows maybe one day they will all come true! So everything happens for a reason I guess. The ups and downs have been epic. Its just time to roll the dice and take a chance. We might come back broke, we might murder the children, we might be slightly (an understament) unprepared.... But who cares - THAT'S US!

We have moved out of our home!
The camper is parked at the front of my parents house and I am currently packing. Reece is on his last swing for work. We have a wedding to attend and a few other things to do and then we are OFF!!!

This blog will let you know where we are and what we are doing. We will describe all the highlights and be honest about the lows. I'll include photographs of scenery as well as the kids and I'll try to update as regularly as I can.

Wish us well.
The Abbott's!